Release: Xtags 2.8.3 for InDesign CS5–CC2019

March 15, 2019 by

This release adds tags for page break characters and improves text box compatibility with object styles.


  • Adds special character tags for InDesign’s Page Break, Odd Page Break, and Even Page Break characters: <\0> (backslash zero) for page break, <\6> for even page break, and <\7> for odd page break.
  • Fixes text box parameters when used with object styles. Parameters like columns, text inset, and baseline offset, if left empty, will no longer show up as overrides with default values on the applied object style. Parameters that are provided will override the corresponding setting of the applied object style just as they always have.
  • Improves the &tb and &tb2 tags’ baseline minimum parameter with support for InDesign’s First Baseline Offset settings: (L)eading, a(S)cent, (X)height, and (F)ixed height (which uses the baseline offset parameter). An empty baseline minimum parameter now defers to the applied object style’s First Baseline Offset (previously, an empty parameter always specified the first line’s ascent height).
  • Improves compatibility with Text Frame Auto Size Options applied with an Object Style. Imported inline/anchored boxes should now auto-resize on-the-fly instead of requiring a manual nudge.

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