Release: Xtags 3.16 for QuarkXPress 2018/2019/2020

June 3, 2020 by

This release of Xtags adds support for QuarkXPress 2020 and discontinues support for QuarkXPress 2017.


  • Adds support for QuarkXPress 2020. If you recently purchased an Xtags license, then your upgrade may be covered by our 6-month upgrade grace period policy. Otherwise, please visit the Em Software online store to purchase an Xtags upgrade license for QuarkXPress 2020.
  • Removes support for QuarkXPress 2017. While we’ll no longer fix problems in or add features to this older version, we will otherwise provide normal support indefinitely.
  • Fixes smart conversion of double quotes in tagged text, where pairs other than “” (left double, right double) stopped working properly with the release of QuarkXPress 2017.
  • Adds back support for numerical frame style values of 0 (zero), removed in the 3.14 release, so that legacy tags that call up Solid by its bitmap frame resource number don’t fail with an error.
  • Fixes a problem where tagged text could be imported incorrectly if its encoding tag wasn’t appropriate for its actual encoding (like a Unicode-encoded file that claimed it was MacRoman with a <e0>). Now, an encoding tag is ignored if it disagrees with the encoding that was auto-detected by Xtags.

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