Release: Xtags 2.12.2 for InDesign 2020-2022

February 12, 2022 by

This patch fixes a style toggling problem with some fonts.


  • Fixes a problem introduced in the 2.11 release that could cause switching or toggling to a plain face (with <P>, <B>, etc.) to fail or choose the wrong font style.

  • Fixes a problem with the &it tag where special character tags (like <0x000A>) could be ignored if the tag also contained something that looked like an InDesign tag but wasn’t actually a valid InDesign tag (like <x=foo>).

  • Adds a Deactivate License button to Xtags’s License dialog that can be used to deactivate the product on that device. You should deactivate Xtags when you’d like to use it on a different device (see our license policy) or don’t plan to use it on that device anymore. The License dialog can be reached from Xtags’s About dialog (Help > Xtags > About…).

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